The Problem

One of the biggest challenges for users when building out forms on The Transformd Platform (see Transformd Builder for more information on the platform) was their inability to see what they had actually built. The legacy builder has no preview button (preview in this case meaning a simple component level representation – without any styles applied), no areas or controls to allow or styling (which evidently means that there is no way to view an experience in the desired branding) and no way to setup an end point (a URL hosting the experience).  

What this meant was that after having built out an experience, there was a dependancy on engineers to help apply a theme and push experiences live – so it could be viewed for the very first time. Often, the user interface was not perfect the first time which lead to tweaking – meaning yet another hurdle to jump given the dependency on the engineers.

Coupled with these major friction points was the fact that all projects come with time constraints. Having had the opportunity to witness first hand how challenging and blocking this could process could be, especially when a deadline was looming, it was time to overhaul the process.

The Solution

The solution was simple, enable users to theme and publish without the need for an engineer. Functionally, what was created was an interface that allowed users to change colours, fonts, the radius of certain components, etc. Similar to the Builder – viewport controls helped users emulate their designs responsively without loosing control or navigating away from the workspace.