The Transformd Design System is an atomic library helping Engineers & Designers create beautiful UI. Beyond the aesthetics, it enables us as a team to be more efficient, consistent and scalable – allowing us to spend time focussing on what really matters – the customer.

Efficiency Rather than constantly building similar components from scratch, our Design System enables designers and developers to reuse standardised and consistent components. This means that we have a toolkit of resources at our disposal that enable us to build faster and smarter, increasing our overall team efficiency.

Consistency Our shared set of Design Principles form the backbone and collective goal of our product team. Similarly, The Transformd Design System introduces rules and standards which guide the construction of all components – helping us to achieve consistent experiences regardless of platform.

Scale The best part of The Transformd Design System? A direct result of increased efficiency and consistency is scalability. Adhering to the Design System means that as a company we are able to build faster, without compromising quality. It also means that when new staff are onboarded, there is a complete up-to-date repository of assets available, enabling them to hit the ground running.