We’re Lean Mean Fighting Machine.

Entrepreneurs. Creatives. Strategists. Incredibly logical minds and thoroughly artistic folk. We are a force field of creative people working to help solve business problems. Forget job titles and hierarchies, we get the smartest people together and work collectively to co-create solutions to briefs. We can be as big as you need, or as small as you desire. 



The solution.

LMFM is an agile and adaptive agency that is able to scale up or down based on the clients needs. Originally briefed to illustrate the journey and creative process, LMFM changed their direction to focus on the scalability of their brand.

In all processes, there are building blocks. Each block an important part of the journey as well as an imperative part of the whole. In response to the brief, the idea of a journey was merged with the flexibility the agency. Literal building blocks were created to form the company logo, but also the visual story for the brand. They could be used liberally when required, or as small as desired. They are scaleable, just like LMFM.